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Often mistakes when you dating online

Don’t send the same letter twice. Girls don’t like it.

Make sure you NEVER write to same girl twice. Well… let me take this back. Make sure you never send THE SAME LETTER to same girl twice. It’s a very typical situation when a girl is posting her profile again and again after some time period. This happened to me once. I wrote to a girl (and she had a killer picture too, I have no doubts she received hundreds if not thousands of letters) and she never answered to me. Some time later she posted her profile again. The picture and the words were different but I immediately recognized this cutie. I decided to write her again. But this time I came up with completely different letter. Different pictures too. I got a date with her.

Do not repeat yourself. Do not send girls the same letters.

Girls really hate it when they get the same letter twice. They want to believe every letter is unique and is written specially for them. So if you really like the girl – just write a new letter. And use different pictures too. It’s worth the effort.

Might be a good idea to keep all the letters you mail out. Or even keep a database of the girls you wrote too. So when you see a girl you’ve already wrote to you could always refer to your previous letter and this time make a totally different one.

Make your letter short. Make it stick out.