Alt Personals

Adult personals for the alternative, BDSM lifestyle. Find kinky singles, bondage, erotica and amateur member videos

We all know that finding that perfect mate, or just any mate at all, is not easy. This is especially true for people with strange sexual habits and fetishes. Luckily in this day and age, online dating exists. ALT Personals is a special dating site from the people over at Adult Friend Finder who have been getting people laid for years.

The difference between and other adult dating sites is the member base. There is a huge variety of single personals on here who are into just about anything. There are some more laid back people on here into tickling, feathers, balloons, high heels, shaving, latex, leather and other harmless things. On the other hand there are many extreme members who are into nipple clamps, knives, fire, blood, torture and just pain in general. Whatever your slightly strange or fully bizarre fetish is, you’re bound (pun intended) to find someone with the same interests.

There are numerous ways to search for and browse the members. You can search by location, interests, fetishes, shape, age and just about anything you could think of. Some of the members will have photos you can look at and webcams you can watch. A lot of the members don’t have photos, but they’re still worth checking out because you never know, it could be a beautiful woman who’s willing to pee on you or whatever you may enjoy. If you want, ALT will also email you every once in a while with new matches.

After you’ve signed up, it’s a good idea to build your adult profile as much as you can. Add a few interesting pictures, videos, blog entries and interests and you’re more likely to be contacted by someone compatible. If you have a webcam, you can set it up and chat with members or just let people watch you. Once you’ve been signed up for a while, you’ll definitely find some matches and once you’re acquainted you can exchange phone numbers, emails or even meet up and get a bit nasty.